Student Discounts

One of the most difficult things to learn to manage when you become a student is money.

Being away from home for the first time and with no parental control can lead to a sense of freedom that is often misguided, but one area where you can gain is by taking advantage of student discounts.

Savings made via student discount schemes can be considerable so it is worth spending the time to find out which goods and services qualify for student discounts are available and how to claim them.

Which goods and services qualify for student discounts ?

Student discounts come in many shapes and forms, and can range from discounts in fast food outlets, cafes and bars to clothes and music shops and more, and those offering them are widespread and often surprising.

An important area of student discounts comes in banking, where students can get some very good deals on accounts, and it is advisable to shop around for the very best deals.

To take advantage of student discounts you will need to be able to prove that you are a student, and to this end joining the student union is something that you must do. Not only will you receive a card that identifies you as a member of the union – and therefore as a student – but you will be party to a lot of possible discounts that are not available to non students.

You will want to travel home to see family and friends on occasion – often a long journey – and you will be able to make use of student discounts on the rail and coach networks if you can prove your student status, and likewise local public transport may also be discounted for those studying locally.

All in all, student discounts are everywhere, so make sure you use the internet and your student advisory services to find out what you are entitled to claim.