In many towns and cities across the country students make up a large and integral part of the population, and whether they are first time home leavers branching out into the world for the first time or mature students taking a break from the rat race they are a big part of the community and, despite many people's belief to the contrary, contribute a great deal to the local area.

It is a known fact that many students who leave one area to attend university or college in another remain at their new chosen home following the completion of their degree or other course.

This is how populations spread and how new communities are formed and it has been that way for a long time now. Students also make up a good proportion of the part time work force in many areas, and are a source of income for landlords and local councils too.

Students in the local community

Letting a house or flat to students is a good way of getting some return from a property, and in the main students tend to be very good tenants as they ask little and get on with their lives. Employing students to work in a shop can also be a good way of getting value for money, as they are willing to chalk up all the experience of working that they can in order to further their future lives.

Some people take a dim view of students, but in the end these are the people who are the future of the country, the providers of work and the developers of new ways forwards. With tens of thousands of degree level students at university in just about every town and city across the country at any one time it is easy to see why students should not be overlooked by local industry, for when the older generation retires it is up to the younger one to fill the gaps left behind.

Many students start out following one career path and end up on another; modern degree courses in such as the media can lead to a very wide and diverse possible job choice, while there is still a propensity for many people to follow the traditional student routes through medicine, the law and accountancy. All are of great importance, for all are vital services without which our commerce could not function.

Of course, students want to have fun while at university or college, and some of the poor reputation with which they are viewed comes from the love of a good time; wild nights out on the time are far from unusual for the majority of students, and it is all part and parcel of the bonding element of being away from home and in a strange place for the very first time.

This is why students are important – they are the face of the future and cornerstone of the way things are going to be. We can either love or hate students – or we can love or hate being students – but we cannot do without them.