Student Union

One of the first things you should do upon arriving at your new place of education, whether you are studying away from home or in your home town, is to join the student union.

This is an organisation that will not only be able to provide information for you in terms of what to do, what you are entitled to and so on, but one that will stand up for your rights as a student.

Joining the Student Union

On joining you will be awarded a student union card and this is your proof that you are a legitimate student, and a member of the union. You will be able to use your card to secure discounts on travel, in some shops, maybe in bars and in local public amenities such as sports centres, and you will find it a useful item when it comes to proving your worth as a member of the local community.

The student union is an age old organisation that is surprisingly powerful, and you will find a branch at any university or college that you attend. It is essential that you make use of the services it offers – from advice to membership of clubs – and the officers from your union branch will be students or ex-students who can help you with any problems you may have in terms of the course itself, financial issues, or even accommodation.

Being a member of the student union is a privilege that only those in the further education system enjoy – make it a priority to join when you are settling into your new surroundings.